Preparation is key

For those of us in Houston, pest control presents its specific challenges. But being prepared can help leaps and bounds in dealing with with unwanted household invaders.

Let’s take some time to review and detail some of the most common household pests you may have to deal with here in Houston.

Household Pests You May Discover


Raccoons are omnivores which may be drawn to your house by the garbage cans you keep outside if their regular food sources aren’t available. As such, they can be quite common to deal with.

Raccoons are a particularly annoying pest, especially when they find their way into your home. They’ve been known to build nests in attics, rip shingles off your roof, destroy insulation, and damage HVAC ducts. Their waste can also cause serious illnesses such as roundworm, leptospirosis, and salmonella.

They are also known to contract rabies and could pose a serious risk to your family or your pets if bitten or scratched.


Squirrels are particularly annoying for homeowners because they inhabit attics, walls, garages, and cause damage. They will chew on exterior and interior walls, cables, and electric wiring, potentially ruining them. Squirrel invaders are discovered because of the noise they make as they scamper about in walls and in attics.


If these pests make their ways inside your house, it’s not out of the question for them to damage attics or crawl spaces as they search for food. In rare cases, opossums have also been known to to carry rabies. They will growl, hiss, or screech when they feel threatened. Be on the lookout for liquid-like, green droppings which will help identify if they’ve been around or if their nest is nearby.

Rats and Mice

Mice and rats are particularly annoying pests. On top of the noises they make at all hours of the night, they also leave droppings all over the house, and multiply very quickly. Often, by the time you see just one mouse or rat in your house, they’ve already multiplied into the dozens.  

These rodents can also be carriers of particularly nasty diseases and leaving your rodent problem unattended can lead to health consequences down the line for you and your family.


The danger of snakes cannot be understated. Even those snakes that don’t contain deadly venom can steal leave painful bites on their victims.

Snakes have been known to use front and back porches as a place to bask in the sun or even rear their young. It can be a nasty surprise to walk out of your door only to be be greeted by a not so friendly rattler!

Snakes in particular are an animal you don’t want to engage if you aren’t fully aware of the risks they pose, especially if you don’t know they’re poisonous. Sometimes it’s best to call an expert.


Skunks are particularly well-known for the intense odor they leave, even hours after they’ve vacated the area. Skunks may be found hanging out under your porch, digging around in your yard for food, or rummaging through your trash.

While actually running into a skunk may be a rare occurrence, their telltale sign will likely be enough for you to want to want to find and remove them from the premises.

Wildlife X Team: Your Pest Control in Houston Solution

The good news is, Wildlife X Team is completely equipped to deal with all of these household pests. If you have issues with any of these pests, don’t hesitate to call us before the problem escalates. You’ll be glad you did.