Because they can carry many diseases and cause great destruction, unwanted wildlife in your home can be a great source of concern. Upon discovering that a wild animal has been making itself at home on your property, you may be unsure how to remedy the problem, and if you have found yourself in this situation, a phone call to a well-qualified wildlife removal technician should be one of your first steps. He or she will know the proper steps to take to rid your property of the wild animals, and in today’s blog, we’ll review a few of the steps that trained animal control workers may use to provide a solution.

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Wildlife Control and Trapping in Four Steps

When it comes to humanely trapping and controlling wild animals, there are a few essential steps that must be done properly to ensure safety for both you and the animal:

Correct Identification and Diagnosis

The first and most important step of any wildlife management project is to accurately identify what animal and which species is causing the problem. This can be completed by seeing the animal firsthand or studying its nesting habits. However it is completed, this is an essential step for a couple of different reasons. First and foremost, not all animals can be effectively trapped and contained in the same manner. For example, trapping and removal methods for snakes are very different than those that are used for pigeons. Second, proper identification is necessary for the safety of the animal and the technician while the job is in progress.

Habitat Alteration

When you contact a wildlife control technician to remove unwanted critters from your property, one of the tasks that he or she should complete after properly identifying the animal is to put deterrent efforts into place. One of the easiest and most effective ways to make your property a less ideal home for wild animals is to alter it in a way that the animals will find unattractive. This may mean closing up access holes in your home, removing sources of food, or pruning tree branches back to prevent pathways to your house. Sometimes, this step can be effective in keeping unwanted animals away from your home all on its own.

Use of Appropriate Techniques and Tools

As we mentioned earlier, proper animal identification is key to determining the best trapping and release methods when trying to control wildlife on your property, and efforts to control unwanted wildlife are only as good as the techniques and tools used in the process. Aside from the having the right traps, poles, and bags, wildlife control technicians must also consider the environmental conditions, location, and time of year they are working in. Trapping and release techniques for a heavily wooded area may be quite different than those employed in a marshy area, and taking the surrounding landscape into account will greatly aid in safely controlling wildlife.

Monitoring and Prevention

Finally, in addition to accurate identification and diagnosis of the problem, altering the animal’s habitat, and using the right tools and techniques, the conclusion of the animal control process is equally as important. Once the troublesome animal(s) are removed from the property, the technician will carefully monitor the site to confirm that no animals are returning. Part of this monitoring phase may include applying nuisance wildlife management processes if necessary in order to ensure the critters don’t come back, and a well-trained technician will be familiar with a wide variety of techniques to ensure your property remains animal-free.

Wildlife Removal in Houston

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