Wildlife Control Services From an Expert

Although sometimes they come across as cute, animals like squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and armadillos can create severe damage to your property! We provide effective critter control and wildlife elimination services to ensure that your house, attic, yard, and any other property is free from pests! We use humane methods to remove unwanted animals and pests so the animal is not harmed in the process.

Quick Wildlife Removal is A Good Rule of Thumb

Don’t be fooled into thinking your property is safe if only one or two opossums are in your backyard. What started with one or two animals can quickly expand into a much larger issue! For effective and efficient wildlife control and management, it is better to handle any issues as soon as they arise. This is especially true since animals can become more dangerous as they become more protective of their “new home.

We Are Quick AND Clean Up After Ourselves!

It’s not just the animals themselves that are a health hazard. Their droppings and nests can also be sources of unpleasant diseases. Smells or noises in the attic can indicate that bats, swifts, pigeons, or other birds have established residency in your home. In addition to our industry-leading critter control, we can undertake a full cleaning of your attic or other affected area after pest control, including the walls, the rafters, and any insulation. We will also conduct a wildlife inspection where we look at the potential areas pests or wildlife may claim as their new home.

Wildlife Control Services

If you think your property is infested with unwelcome visitors, it’s time to bring in the professionals. Our team is built of members who have years of experience in effective wildlife removal which makes us a great solution to your wildlife control needs! To find out more about our services, schedule a consultation online or call us at 281-410-5371.

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