Armadillos are pretty tame. They’re not a pest that will attack – they’re more likely to run away, though as with any wildlife, you never know how one will react. They’re known to disturb soil looking for food, but they can also cause costly damage to your property in their scavenging process. If you discover armadillos on you Houston-area property, contacting a reliable wildlife removal company could protect your home or business from unnecessary damage.

Common signs of armadillo infestations on your property include:

  • Tree root destruction
  • Large holes and burrows
  • Damage done to yards, gardens, or landscaping
  • Tunneling under the home
  • Damage to concrete and pipes as a result of burrowing
  • Problems with dogs and other pets

We treat armadillo removal just as we would treat any other wildlife removal job – we respond quickly to efficiently remove it, all at an affordable cost to you. Because we use humane trapping techniques, we are able to relocate armadillos to a natural environment where they can dig to their heart’s desire without bothering anyone or causing damage to property.

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