Bats and birds have a pesky habit of setting up shop in the most inconvenient places for a Houston homeowner or business owner. Once they’ve decided to call a particular spot home, it can be incredibly difficult to get rid of them. Bats and birds can also carry diseases that can be harmful for pets and homeowners, leaving behind a fair amount of fecal matter. When you need reliable bird and bat removal, Wildlife X-Team of Houston is here for you.

Call us immediately if you notice a bat or a bird nesting in your attic, garage, or any other place around your home. Wildlife can become incredibly aggressive if threatened, so it is imperative to have professionals remove unwanted and potentially dangerous animals. Our team knows how to deal with and remove bats and birds humanely and efficiently. We customize trapping methods to each situation, using appropriate techniques based on the size of the population and where they are located on your property. Once we have trapped them, we release them to a natural area where they are not bothersome.

When the animal is taken care of, we apply safe deterrents and anti-perching products to exterior parts of your home and other areas of your property to persuade them to find somewhere else to perch. If one happened to get into your home, we will suggest steps you can take to prevent future incidents. If they have made a mess of your attic, we offer our attic restoration services to clean up after the pests that have inconveniently made your attic their home.

Our team is available 24 hours a day for any removal services you need. Request your Speedy Fast® bird and bat removal quote today!