All snakes can be an inconvenience, and when you need professional snake removal, you need a company you can trust. Snakes can end up in places you don’t want them to be and even if they aren’t poisonous, they can still be incredibly dangerous. If you try to scare them off, you better make a habit of it because they will likely return – something drew them there to start with. Day or night, our wildlife removal team is available 24 hours a day to remove snakes from your residential or commercial property.

We’ve dealt with many, many snakes throughout the 25-year history of our business. Trapping and relocating them has proven to be the most humane and most effective way to ensure that they are gone for good. Our relocating process accomplishes preserving wild animal populations while ensuring the safety of Houston’s residents.

Once our team has removed any and all snakes, we’ll talk with you about preventative measures that you can take to ensure other snakes aren’t drawn to your property in the future.

Our experienced snake removal team is equipped with the most effective and humane wildlife removal skills. Call us if you are having issues with a serpent in your yard.